Automotive Fine Arts Society

Membership in AFAS

Membership in AFAS is by invitation only.

How does an artist become a member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society?

The Automotive Fine Arts Society has an obligation to itself, to the public, and to Automotive art to annually hold the best international exhibit of Automotive art. To meet this obligation, the standards for membership are necessarily high and membership in AFAS is by invitation only.

Here is the process by which those who aspire to become members are selected:

First, the prospective member submits their application to the Membership Committee. If the Committee refers the applicant for consideration, they will be invited to be a Guest Artist at the yearly exhibition at Pebble Beach in August.

After having shown as a Guest, the artist will then be voted on by the full membership to become an Associate Member at the annual meeting immediately following the exhibition.

Associate Members will have the right to exhibit at AFAS exhibitions other than the annual Pebble Beach exhibition. They would be eligible to exhibit at the Pebble Beach show if there is sufficient space after the invitation of a maximum of two Guest Artists.

When a full membership position becomes available through the retirement, dismissal, or demise of a present member, the Associate Artist may be recommended for full membership by the Membership Committee to the Board of Directors. If approved, the artist will then become a Full Member. This recommendation by the Membership Committee is entirely at the Committee’s discretion and selection is not based on the chronological order in which an Associate Member was added to the Associate Member list.

How do I prepare my application?

By November 1st in the year preceding the event, prepare an email with 2-3 images of your strongest works attached to the email. Be sure to include a link to your website and your CV (Curriculum Vitæ). Finally, submit this email to Membership Committee Chairman.

Please refer to the following guidelines when preparing your images:
• The dimensions of each image should be no more than 800 pixels wide.
• Make the image resolution 72 to 96 PPI (pixels per inch).
• The file size of each image should not exceed 500Kb.
• Make the file type a jpg (jpeg).
Higher definition images may be requested at a later date.

Applicants will be notified of their success or otherwise early in the New Year.

To apply:
review details above, and submit to Membership Committee Chairman

Some thoughts on the Selection Process

Be aware that AFAS receives numerous applications every year, thus competition for an invitation will be considerably fierce. Your work will be thoughtfully reviewed and evaluated against every other applicant's by a committee of five AFAS artists, one of whom is randomly rotated out every year to maintain fairness and integrity.

We are looking for unique, exciting, yet discriminating expressions of the automobile that belong to you alone. Your point of view is important – so show us that. Show us challenges of concept and execution that have been maturely reached. Although we’re not necessarily looking for hyper-realism, we want to see a suggestion of reality. We want to see confident acknowledgement that the artist isn’t a slave to the object they’re portraying. In other words, what you’ve filled the canvas with isn’t as important as showing us how you did it. We look at technique as a means to an end, not as the end itself. Put us in the presence of creativeness. Lastly, although we realize that equipment doesn’t make the artist and that art is the soul hidden in the medium, AFAS was founded in the traditional art media and we presently aren't considering digital or photography as the final output.

If you have shown as a Guest Artist and didn’t receive a vote for Associate Membership, you may resubmit your application after a period of two years.